Best Practices Awards

Each year, MAPP celebrates innovative practices across all areas of plastics manufacturing. Hard work and commitment are always crucial to success, but being competitive means working smart. Plastics processors wouldn’t be successful without constantly looking for innovative ways to improve their businesses from every angle. Across the hundreds of MAPP members companies, there are stories about small improvements that are implemented on factory floors by employees who make their work faster, safer, and more efficient. These small improvements add up to a huge amount of productivity. Suggesting a new system to deliver tools to workers on the floor can add up to thousands of hours saved, and as a result, the ability to bring in more work and create more jobs.

To celebrate that commitment to innovation, MAPP instituted its annual Best Practices Awards series, dedicated to honoring companies that are doing the “small” things that it takes to get ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace and elevate the industry as a whole.

MAPP recognizes these successes at national events. Click on the following awards to learn more.

Annual awards include:

Best Practices Book

Additionally, MAPP compiles submissions from these awards into an annual Best Practices Book. MAPP Members can log in to view these E-Books here:

Frequently Asked Questions

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