Above and Beyond Recognition

Congratulations 2020 Above & Beyond Winners!

  • Amanda Wiriya, Wepco Plastics
  • Brian Dougall, Bruin Manufacturing
  • Bryan Barrera, Trademark Plastics
  • Daneille Truitt, Blue Ridge Industries
  • Eric Berg, Revere Plastic Systems
  • Mike Hebert, Dymotek
  • Suzie Thomas, Eclipse Mold
  • Will Wilke, Automation Plastics

The Above and Beyond Recognition Award has been retired. MAPP Congratulates all the winners of this program!

2020 was not a normal year for anyone, and individuals at companies across the United States have had to step up and take on new challenges like never before. This year, MAPP wants to recognize those individuals who made a difference at their organizations in a big way. Leadership, innovation and ingenuity happen at all levels of an organization, and MAPP believes that it is more important than ever to celebrate those team members who heard opportunity knocking and answered the door. 

The recognition is given by nomination only - which means that these individuals have been recognized by co-workers at their organizations to be essential to success. 

These individuals will be recognized in front of 1000 of their industry peers at the 2020 Benchmarking & Best Practices Conference this October!

Who are we looking to honor?

Individuals at any level of the organization who have:

  • Gone above and beyond the call of duty during 2020
  • Stand as an example of initiative and excellence to others
  • Set high standards for themselves and others
  • Created meaningful relationships among their team
  • Outstanding contributions to their team and organization
  • Acted as top quality performers 
  • Found unique or innovative solutions to tough situations
  • Shown motivation and determination in the face of challenges