CAPTIV8 Information

CAPTIV8 is Making a Difference for Members

Introducing CAPTIV8: a healthcare funding strategy created specifically for plastics processors, by plastics processors. 

Healthcare is always a top challenge for plastic processors. MAPP leadership understands the significance of this cost burden, along with the other industry challenges facing its members today.

That’s why MAPP leadership, together with the First Resource team and health insurance specialist Captive Solutions & Options, have developed a solution to address the MAPP member concerns around rising insurance costs. With CAPTIV8, member companies are empowered to control their healthcare program and better balance cost, risk and coverage for their employees.

The paradigm is shifting as CAPTIV8 is changing the way insurance premium dollars can serve its members by leveraging the fully insured methodology of pooling with the control and transparency of a self-funded model. By utilizing a unique contacting approach, CAPTIV8 puts employer premiums to work for its members, specifically during bad times. Multiple partially self-funded employers aggregate a majority of the premium for one sole purpose – member utilization. In the event the captive fund is used for claims, since it is member premium supporting other members’ needs, the captive does not need to recoup the premium as aggressively at renewal.

CAPTIV8 offers:

Protection: a shield against insurance market pricing and reduces risk.

Flexibility: no long-term commitment required.

Better Benefits: access to unique programs, including centers of excellence, pharmacy cost containment and more.

Cost Savings: better controls and accessible data to deliver results significantly below the market.

Data: more educated decisions through company-specific data.

Intellect: expert knowledge and experience from professionals in health insurance, business strategy and the plastics manufacturing industry.

Strategy: control over the money and information to allow for more informed decisions regarding resource allocation.

Trust: a reputable director with insight to protect the program and its participants.

Together, these components position healthcare as a differentiated benefit for current and future talent and, ultimately, a competitive advantage for your company.

For more information about CAPTIV8 and to develop the right strategy for your company, please provide some information via the form below and a representative will contact you directly.

The form is a fillable PDF. Please note, you will need to email the form as an attachment to Susan Denzio at once it is completed.