MAPP Leaders of Character Program

Building Leaders of Character 

After years of research, MAPP has partnered with Thayer Leadership for the creation of the Building Leaders of Character Leadership Program. Thayer Leadership at West Point builds leaders with a simple premise: character is foundational to your ability to lead. True leaders, Thayer Leadership believes, courageously enact change, master opposition, foster productivity, and respond decisively. It’s not enough to just know about leadership. Thayer Leadership spans the gap between knowing about leadership in theory and acting like a leader when it counts. Thayer Leadership builds leaders in the same time-honored tradition that has helped build one of the world’s most powerful nations. Combine this with knowledge and action, and you unleash the “whole” leader every organization needs.

This approach has been proven by over two hundred years of application in the United States Army – it is the reason Thayer Leadership makes its home at The Historic Thayer Hotel on the grounds of West Point. At Thayer Leadership, like nowhere else, you’ll experience the legacy of military leadership lessons from those who have powered and led a nation. And today, empower organizations to adapt and thrive.

What Alumni Are Saying

“A program that makes you rethink your leadership approach and style along with the development of future leaders.” General Manager

“Very moving. Powerful experience. Taught just as much about life as business.”  Vice President of Sales

“A comprehensive study on leadership and leading with intent, purpose, and the goal of success from an organization. Highly recommended.” President 

“Last week was my 21st anniversary with my company and this is one of the best leadership [experiences] I’ve been through. Reflecting on how we can look at things differently has been awesome. I will tell you, we had 5+ people go through this training and the rest of our teams are going to go through it as well.”  Corporate HR Director

“This has been great training and experience. I wouldn’t even call it training – it is elements of leadership and things we can apply. This has been very valuable and impactful for me and it has challenged me to think about and rethink in some cases around things—like leader philosophy, leader’s intent, etc., and how do we apply that as we continue to grow our careers. This is an investment and now the work starts. From here – how do we take all these learnings that we have gained over the course of these last few weeks and start applying them because that’s the only way you are going to get the most out of it is utilizing the tools you’ve been given. I look at this as a gift.”  Vice President Engineering 

The Program

The Building Leaders of Character Program is built in two levels.