Webinar: Understanding Profitability - Better Visibility into Job Costing

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Processors must juggle multiple projects, technical specifications, and a variety of lead times. Many processors have found themselves challenged to gain a complete picture of what it truly costs to manufacture and deliver finished products to their customers. Often, data from the shop floor gets unused or is not timely enough to make impactful decisions. This data, however, is one of the keys to unlocking a product and customer mix that produces the most profit.  By leveraging tools such as Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI), plastics processors can pull, aggregate, and present information from disparate sources that will provide meaningful information to managers and decision-makers.

During this presentation, the Wipfli team will provide thoughts, ideas, and case studies around the following:

  • How can we better understand profitability by part, tool, or work center, to either strategically make investments or divest in types of customers or jobs?
  • How can we predict the likeness of underperforming (jobs, assets, or work centers)?
  • How can we use our data to better forecast lead times and internal schedule attainment?
  • Industry 4.0 is all about process, technology, and people. Listen to real-world case studies that empower your maintenance and quality personnel with predictive and prescriptive insights to drive productivity.

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