Webinar: Automate Your Toolmaking - How Molders like Nicolet Plastics are Adopting New Metal 3D Printing Technologies to Enable Quick-turn Molded Parts and Address Labor Shortages

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Injection molding and injection mold tooling have long been known for having lead times of weeks, if not months. New advancements with metal 3D printed tooling open up new possibilities for molders to offer more in-house, domestic tooling to their customers while reducing lead times. In this webinar, attendees will find out how molders like Nicolet Plastics are automating their toolmaking process with Mantle's technology. The following will be covered:

  • How MAPP member Nicolet Plastics is using automation to address the challenges of toolroom capacity and a scarcity of skilled toolmakers
  • The landscape of metal 3D printing technologies and how they have historically fallen short of addressing the requirements of injection mold tooling
  • Mantle's new technology that combines metal 3D printing with machining to produce tooling components with the accuracy, surface finish, and tool steel properties required for injection mold tooling
  • Examples of how molders and toolmakers are reducing tooling lead times for their customers with a modular approach that includes metal 3D printing


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