Utilizing Simulation for Aggressive Quoting

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Sigma Plastic Services Inc.

Are you missing out on potential business by not quoting competitively, or losing money by encountering unexpected issues on a project once you begin to produce it? Would you want to gain more insight on the project/part during the quoting phase to avoid the above issues? Come join us for a workshop to learn how SIGMASOFT® can help provide you with this insight before a quote is even submitted. We will be working as a team using the SIGMAinteract® tool on the topics below: 1. What to consider during the quoting phase 2. Help to quote more accurately to win additional business as well as reveal projects that may not be ideal for your company 3. Use the key results to reveal potential issues that may occur during production and give you a head start in planning for these issues 4. Communicate efficiently and effectively with your customers utilizing SIGMAinteract® Examining these topics will help you quote more accurately and design tooling and processes for first-shot success.


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