Talent Access Today and Tomorrow: Real-Time Metrics for the Future Pre-Con

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With Management Recruiters of Tallahassee (MRT) 

Talent access looks different in every organization, but staffing trends, economic fluctuations, workforce mindsets and technology advancements are outliers that affect all industries. 

How we react, organize and what we implement to counteract these ever-going changes separates those with strong retention and those with high turnover. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a room filled with hiring authorities in similar situations to hear real-time data, solutions and preventive tactics? "What do you see, where is it going, and what will it look like?”

For over 30 years, Jerry Jones and Craig McMillan, with Management Recruiters of Tallahassee (MRT), have held their place on the front lines of the plastic industry. They work with those from the plant floor to the board room, keeping an ear to the ground on what is happening in the staffing industry. 

Sharing real-time data during a live workshop, they will discuss the current state of staffing, answer questions related to your staffing needs and what measures you can take to stay competitive in your recruiting efforts. Take-home materials will be provided so you can start dissecting your hiring process with your team. 

Key Topics: 

  • Compensation trends 
  • Talent shortage 
  • Retirement gap 
  • Interim platforms 
  • Technology for hybrid/WFH 
  • Force multipliers 

While the Pre-Con Sessions are free-visit the conference website to register for the 2023 Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference


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