2024 Human Resources Forum

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Join other human resources colleagues and senior executives at this unique virtual event designed by manufacturing industry HR professionals. Presentations and discussions will cover current benchmarks, best practices and current challenges facing the industry today. 

This event will combine presentations by experienced professionals and facilitated discussions with other manufacturing HR professionals to deliver answers and solutions to the biggest challenges in the industry.

Agenda (subject to change): 

The event committee is hard at work developing programming for this event. Check back soon for updates! 
The links for the event will be sent to attendees prior to the event. The event will be recorded and made available to attendees.

Wednesday, March 13

11 AM EST -  Unlocking Success: Strategies for Talent Attraction and Retention, presented by Chris Mills, Partner & COO of ML Talent Strategies

Join us for a dynamic virtual keynote exploring the latest tactics and trends in talent attraction and retention. Discover innovative strategies to unlock the potential of your workforce and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape. From leveraging technology to fostering a culture of inclusivity, gain actionable insights to attract top talent and cultivate long-term retention. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in talent management.

12 PM EST - Preparing for the Next Generation, presented by Daniel Walker, Director of Continual Improvement, PolyFlex

This presentation will focus on when and how upper leaders should consider developing the next generation to succeed them. We all reach a point in our careers when we realize that the years behind outnumber the years ahead. At this point, we need to identify our successors and begin the process of training, coaching, and mentoring to prepare them to take over our role as we transition out of the company.  A succession planning process will likely take many years and must be approached intentionally and strategically. Daniel Walker will share some personal experiences as he works through the succession planning process and highlight resources to help others face this intimidating reality.

1 PM  EST - Retention Strategies, presented by Kelly DeHerrera, Mergon
 Learn of a company’s journey to improve new hire retention and the implementation of best practices to drastically reduce turnover.

2 PM EST- End of day one

Thursday, March 14

11 AM EST -  Employee Leave – FMLA, ADA and State Insurance Leaves, presented by Johanna Parker, Benesch

How do you evaluate employee leave?  Where do you start?  Where does it end?  And don’t forget about the state paid leave benefits available. Join us for this informative update from expert law firm, Benesch.

12 PM EST - Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch, presented by Craig Carrel, Rob Clothier, Team 1 Plastics

This is a very popular concept in management and business circles. The idea is that strategy is important, but you must have a culture that support it. Without a strong culture the strategy will end up not being executed properly. You can put up posters, hold meetings and try to garner other levels of support but unless your culture supports it, it will not go far. Team 1 Plastics believes strongly in developing a strong culture and the last few years have proven its worth in a better work environment, more engaged team members, retain and keep key staff, and lower turnover. We will share key elements of our culture and how it has allowed us to be recognized as a Best Places to Work by Plastics News 10 out of the last 11 years.

1 PM EST- Megan Taylor, Octex, Recruitment Tools and Best Practices

1:30 PM EST - Peer Networking

2 PM EST - End of event

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