2023 HR Forum

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Join other human resources colleagues and senior executives at this unique virtual event designed by manufacturing industry HR professionals. Presentations and discussions will cover current benchmarks, best practices and current challenges facing the industry today. 

This event will combine presentations by experienced professionals and facilitated discussions with other manufacturing HR professionals to deliver answers and solutions to the biggest challenges in the industry.

Agenda (subject to change): 

Wednesday, August 2nd (Times are in Eastern)

11:00am – Welcome and Introductions

11:15am – Creating a Winning Culture: Insights from the Best Place to Work
Diane Pisciotti, Currier Plastics 
This presentation focuses on the crucial aspects of building an exceptional workplace culture. Drawing inspiration from a successful organization known for our positive work environment, this session will offer beneficial insights and practical strategies for fostering a Best Place to Work. It explores key elements such as leadership, employee engagement, communication, and training. Attendees will have actionable takeaways and a renewed perspective on creating a strong organizational culture.

12:15pm – Hot Topics in Compliance: I-9 Forms and What to do if ICE Comes Knocking at Your Door
Alan Rothenbuecher, Benesch 
The pandemic and the rise of remote work led to significant changes in the employment eligibility verification compliance landscape. Alan Rothenbuecher will provide an overview of where things stand today along with examining issues you need to be aware of to maintain compliance with this often overlooked (but heavily fined) nuance of labor and employment law. Because I9s remain a top enforcement initiative for the current administration, Alan also will provide an overview of what to do when ICE comes knocking at your door.

1:00pm – Break

1:15pm – Peer Networking

2:00pm – Day 1 Ends

Thursday, August 3rd (Eastern time)

11:00am – Panel Discussion: Tracking Employee Training and Skills in the Manufacturing Industry
Panelists: Janine Bucher, York Imperial Plastics; Beth Hildebrandt, Reschcor
Moderator: Jerry Jones, Management Recruiters of Tallahassee

Leaders in the manufacturing industry are constantly looking for better tools and solutions to track training and skill levels at their organizations. The best training programs can easily explain entry- level and advanced training opportunities. In this session, three member companies will share their internally created training programs that not only track progress for all employees regardless of skill level, but reward employees for completing skills training, ultimately creating a smarter and better organization. Attendees will learn how these organizations are impacting their new and seasoned hires through lessons learned and best practices, so that anyone can follow in their footsteps and implement a company-wide continuing education culture at their own organization. Although creating and conducting a training program is hard work, it is worth the investment!

12:00pm – Creating Career Paths Through Apprenticeship Programs
Tracy Jackson, Tasus and Stephanie Mora, Workforce Solutions Rural Capital
This presentation will explore the process of establishing effective apprenticeship programs that provide individuals with valuable skills, experience, and opportunities for career advancement. It will cover key elements such as program design, recruitment strategies, training methods and the benefits of apprenticeships for both employers and participants. 

12:30pm – Break

12:45 – Taking a Proactive Approach to Active Shooter Concerns
Seth Karnes, HSS
Active shooter events continue to rattle organizations and communities, and many manufacturers are looking to implement formalized training for their leaders and employees. Seth Karnes is an expert in workplace violence, and has worked very closely with leaders, staff and educators to address the increased concerns associated with violence in the workplace. During his presentation, Karnes will cover the five steps an orgnization should be addressing to be proactive instead of reactive, should there be an active violence situation at their workplace. 

1:45pm – Challenges Discussion and Closing

2:00pm – Day 2 Ends

2:00pm – 2023 Wage and Salary Report Deep Dive (optional)
MAPP and ARPM Leadership Teams
As one of the manufacturing industry's most powerful reports, the 2023 Wage and Salary Report provides manufacturing leadership with an invaluable resource for analyzing the current state of the labor market and improving wage competitiveness. Please join MAPP and ARPM leaders in going deeper into the report’s data, its ramifications for the industry, and its practical applications for your company’s HR strategy. This webinar is complimentary for those attending the 2023 Human Resources Forum.


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