Building Leaders of Character (BLOC) 2.0

Join other Building Leader of Character Alumni for a unique and exciting leadership journey.

Building Leaders of Character (BLOC) 2.0

The Thayer Leadership is honored to have the opportunity to partner with MAPP in its continued leadership development efforts for the plastics industry.  Thayer provides a world-class leadership experience and is second to none in the leader development space.  During BLOC 2.0 leadership journey, alumni will take what they’ve learned in the past and elevate the lessons while combining a new focus for the next level.

Thayer’s unique approach to leadership development was focused on the Army’s leadership philosophy of “Be, Know, Do”, which focuses on creating complete leaders through the development of character, knowledge, and application. 

“Be, Know, Do” is incorporated into overarching principles and transformative experiences that are directly applicable to the environment and outcomes and fosters leadership of team members, teams, and organizations.

During BLOC 2.0 the six functions of the Thayer Leadership Inventory are central and critical to assess leader capabilities to align leadership and management actions to guide an organization towards success and achieve results with integrity.

Why This Matters to You

360-degree, 270-degree, and self-assessments provide performance feedback from superiors, peers, direct reports, and individuals thereby:

  • Encouraging employee self-awareness and personal development
  • Empowering leaders to measure how things get done versus what gets done
  • Promoting interpersonal dialogue, working relationships, and overall performance
  • Increasing team and organizational accountability

What to Expect

  • Time-tested prowess in leadership development using Thayer Leadership’s unique 4-Pronged Learning Approach, which is grounded in the values-based leadership principles from the Army and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. 
  • Unparalleled experiential and team-building exercises that directly reinforce leadership skills of strategy, communication, and trust.
  • Unique opportunity to engage retired General Officers and Senior Advisors in the leadership program 24/7.
  • Senior Advisor serving as a coach and mentor to provide personal insights on how he or she used the principles discussed, facilitating strategic conversations, and helping develop action plans for your business environment.

For questions or to reserve your spot In the next session: contact Letha Keslar at or call 317-913-2440.

BLOC 2.0 will take place April 10-12, 2023. 

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