Young Professionals Cohorts

Build your career and grow with people in your corner.

MAPP's YP Cohorts are small, tightly-knit groups of young professionals within the industry.

This program allows you to make your career, growth and future a top priority. You'll spend an hour every two weeks on a video call with a driven, intelligent and supportive group of peers.


Apply to be in a Young Professionals Cohort here.

Cohort Code of Conduct

Cohorts are a confidential space for you to support each other, to share your goals and challenges, to celebrate your wins, to clear your roadblocks and to hold one another accountable. Please be respectful, value the diversity of the group, practice gratitude, and search for action-oriented solutions.

We expect that you'll support your Cohort by attending the bi-weekly video calls; by submitting an application, you are committing to this investment in yourself and others. If you unexpectedly can no longer attend weekly calls, please change your selected meeting time or withdraw your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are MAPP YP Cohorts?

Cohorts are small groups of industry young professionals. This online program allows you to work on your professional challenges, give and receive feedback, and find new ideas and solutions to achieve your goals, all while building your network in the industry!

How do I Join a Cohort?

To join a Cohort, you must be employed by a MAPP member company. You can apply using the link above during the enrollment period which is usually March through April.

Why should I join a Cohort?

If you are facing uncertainty, need to expand your network, have a big decision or are trying to achieve a new goal - going at it alone can be daunting. Instead, by talking and connecting with your cohort, you learn best practices and get new perspectives to help you navigate your future and career paths.

People who participate in Cohorts understand MAPP's mission and the idea that we are all more powerful and can achieve more together. Cohort peers are in it for one another. Your cohort provides you with an open, supportive network to provide focus and accountability when you need it most, and generate career- and life-long connections.

How do Cohorts Work?

We use the information from your application and your company's MAPP membership profile to hand-pick your cohort. We'll nominate a moderator for each cohort to setup and manage the bi-weekly curriculum and calls. 

We'll introduce you to your Cohort at the mandatory kick-off meeting, at the date and time you selected. You'll meet every 2-weeks for the duration of the program (usually 16 weeks, a total of 8 meetings). You can join from anywhere.

At the end of your Cohort program we'll solicit your feedback and reflect on ways to make the program better each round. You can stay in touch with your cohort peers, take a break or apply for a new Cohort.

What is included in the Cohort Curriculum?

The curriculum features topical discussions, focused career growth topics each week, along with "Hot Seats." The topics are focused on professional development and gives everyone a chance to share and learn from one another.

These topics are selected by the Cohort, but a list of curated topics will be provided to help generate resources and ideas. Potential topics could include Managing your Manager, Getting the most from your team, and Leading when you're not in charge. 

"Hot Seats" are sessions that are dedicated to one individual to focus and discuss his/her career goals. They are an opportunity for each member to provide advice and share ideas for creating success.

What am I committing to by applying for a Cohort?

Cohorts are powerful because the young professionals who participate show up for each other. By applying, you are committing to supporting the peers in your Cohort in reaching their goals. This means:

  • Making your best effort to attend every meeting
  • Sharing your perspective, being candid and giving advice
  • Listening to challenges and stories
  • Being open to receiving feedback

You will be required to join the 30-minute Kick-Off video call, and then the following bi-weekly calls. We want to take your schedule into account, and ask that you are honest with yourself when selecting Cohort Meeting Dates.