MAPP Mentorship Program

The YP Mentorship Program is live! We are still accepting applications for both potential mentors and mentees. Learn more and apply below. You will be paired as soon as a solid match is found.

Check out the welcome packets!

Program Goals

  • To provide young professionals in the Plastics Industry the opportunity to mentor with an experienced industry professional for direct guidance on their career.

Mentee Benefits

  • To gain visibility and exposure within the Plastics Industry
  • Improve current job skills and knowledge
  • Have access to an individual who can serve as a sounding board for career development

Mentor Benefits

  • To improve communication skills with young professionals
  •  Pass knowledge and information to the next generation of leaders
  •  Gain insight on frustrations, ideas, and issues that young professionals may face


  • To prepare thoughtful questions
  • Be ready to discuss real challenges on your path
  • Listen carefully and report back on progress
  • Meet at least quarterly

Getting Started

  • Application for both mentor and mentee - Includes interests, expectations, and preferences
  • Once a match has been determined, MAPP will facilitate introductions via email
  • MAPP will provide suggested topics to start the conversation
  • Each quarter, a MAPP team member will follow up with each mentorship pair for feedback via survey

Program Format

  • One-year commitment with minimum quarterly 60-minute call or meeting
  • Potential for in-person meetings at MAPP conference and other events

Monitoring Process

  • Mentor/Mentee will have the opportunity to complete surveys during their time paired
  • Help provide MAPP YP Committee with an understanding of the program successes and improvement opportunities