Healthcare Solutions

Calls for help and urgent requests for assistance from MAPP member company executives relative to health insurance issues have forced MAPP’s leadership team to find a solution to the healthcare crisis. Our members are caught in the middle of the supply chain and reside between the large insurance conglomerates and the actual providers of care.

In response to member demands, MAPP has assembled a team of national health insurance experts whose solutions have already impacted companies like Walmart and Amazon; size truly matters in the health insurance world. With the understanding that none of our individual member companies have a large enough voice to change the system, these experts have found a method to aggregate MAPP’s $15 billion in annual purchasing power (which represents well over 100,000 employee lives) and implement the same insurance solutions used by the large multinational companies. In essence, MAPP’s aggregated voice will raise YOUR position to the top of supply chain!

MAPP’s Healthcare Solutions platform allows for full aggregation of our membership base across the United States and uses the most innovative approaches to give our members long-term insulation from insurance cost escalation. Our model provides each member the ability to:

  • Leverage better pricing over the long term; 
  • Access centers of excellence affordably;
  • Gain access to best-in-class providers just like the large fortune 100 companies; and
  • Provide employee advocacy to maximize the effectiveness of insurance utilization.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please submit the form request below and upon receipt, we will contact you with next steps.

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