Mold Maintenance

New innovations from Progressive Components reduce molding downtime. Progressive has set global standards for exclusive mold components, mold monitoring devices and software, and now solutions for throughout the molding facility. Include the “PROMAPP” order code for your MAPP Member discount on these special offers:

MAPP Members are entitled to these discounts on the following items:

• Nozzle Tips: The best solution for preventing mold-damaging strings, Progressive’s patented Nozzle Tips feature heat sinking fins to dramatically reduce sprue solidification time. Receive a 10%discount from list pricing.

• Nozzle Wrench: Progressive’s offset slugging wrench positions press technicians away from hot surfaces eliminating burns and ‘knuckle busting’ when changing nozzle tips. Receive a 10%discount from list pricing.

• RhinoFeet™: For a safer, cleaner shop, RhinoFeet eliminate the trip hazards associated with wooden skids and blocks. Receive a 20% discount on mixed quantities totaling 100 units or more.

Call for a free Sample Pack of RhinoFeet to evaluate with your team!

Get your cycle time back to new. Built-up sediment and scale impairs cooling and causes an unreliable production process. This results in longer cycle times and often poor part quality. DME’s CoolingCare System is the solution to bring the cooling channels to the original benchmark flow rates.

DME is offering MAPP members a one-time evaluation and tool cleaning at your facility at no cost (a $1400.00 value)

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PCS Company has been providing trusted tooling and mold solution products and to the plastics industry for over 60 Years. We have standard products in-stock and ready to ship and we can build a wide variety of custom components. Our Industry Experts and warehouses are located nationwide to provide immediate support to our customers. We also host a variety of expert product/process training webinars and classes. Our selection of innovative molding solution products will help increase productivity and profitability for plastic processors.

Slide Products has been the most preferred brand of processing aids for plastic processors and mold makers for nearly 70 years. The Slide line includes mold release agents, mold cleaners, rust preventives, ejector pin greases and purging compounds all formulated to help improve your efficiency and profitability. Only Slide can offer a stable of factory reps with a combined 100+ years of experience who will visit your facility and offer a no-charge productivity assessment. Slide's unique customer-focused approach involves sharing best practice recommendations more than just selling you a product. Your success is our goal.

As a special offer to MAPP members, Slide Products is offering a no-charge onsite productivity assessment performed by a Slide factory rep. Additionally, Slide will offer MAPP members a 10% discount for all direct orders placed with Slide Products through our website. Online account registration required.