Vive, LLC provides tailored marketing services exclusively for manufacturers with an emphasis on the plastics industry. Our team of marketing experts is focused on advancing brands, business goals, and the bottom line through a strategic marketing approach.

Understanding that your brand is more than just a logo, Vive has established a strategic process to learn your company’s purpose for being in business; going beyond what you manufacture. Vive developed and registered the Zweck Analysis® as a new workshop and approach to brand storytelling that uncovers a company’s unique WHY.

With a fortified awareness for the company’s purpose for being in business, Vive is able to deliver clear and concise communication through:

• Company messaging

• Logo design or enhancement

• Rebranding

• Website management


• Content marketing

• Sales Tools

• Advertising

• Video & photography

• Trade show planning & design

• Social media

• Press releases

• Internal marketing

• Recruitment marketing

Vive has the fuel to drive the strategy by knowing the vernacular in plastic processing which is needed to connect your brand to the desired audience. MAPP Members who partner with Vive for a one-year engagement will receive a one-time $500 credit on the first invoice.

Visit or call 414.727.VIVE to learn more about the experts in marketing for manufacturers.

WayPoint Marketing Communications partners with small- to medium-sized businesses to help them reach their goals through smart, well-thought-out marketing and communication activities. We take a strategic approach to understand your key challenges and work as your partner to determine the best course of action to achieve your goals. WayPoint is your trusted advisor, providing the knowledge, experience and skillsets needed to establish and implement marketing communications and talent retention and acquisition strategies that drive results. 

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Free Website Audit and Recommendation 
A company’s website is the foundation for effective marketing and talent recruitment. When done properly, it can be an effective tool to help build your business. WayPoint Marketing Communications will conduct a free website audit for MAPP member companies, which provides a complete analysis of factors impacting your site's visibility and effectiveness at reaching key audiences. Additionally, the audit includes a recommendation for website improvements and next steps. (Value of $2,500)

Kallan Sales Development works with small to medium-sized organizations to implement scalable sales enablement solutions that drive velocity, team alignment and revenue generation by leveraging our experience in sales, marketing, and business development to offer a tailored approach specific to the needs of your business.

Whether redefining a complete departmental structure, refining the existing process or holding your current team accountable, a customized offering can be rolled out taking into account as much, or as little, support required to fit any budget.

Looking to enhance your current sales process? MAPP members are entitled to a FREE sales process audit with a booked pipeline development and/or dashboard layout session.  Click here for more information.