Insurance & Legal Services

MAPP’s partnership with Federated Insurance brings additional benefits to members by helping each member plan and prepare.

MAPP members have access to a comprehensive educational series on Drive S.A.F.E.R.

Driving crashes and fatalities are a crises which needs to be addressed. Both are at an all-time high in the United States! This program focuses on the reinforcement of S.A.F.E. driving and specifically how Speed, Attention, Fatigue, and Emotion can be managed effectively so your employees can return safely each day to their loved ones. The program materials include: Safety meeting training outline and talking points, DVD-full video along with individual segments focused on Speed-Attention-Fatigue-Emotion, handouts, and a poster.

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Benesch provides practical, comprehensive advice to businesses in the plastics industry throughout the country. As a MAPP sponsor, Benesch offers member companies two hours of complimentary legal advice and two one-hour complimentary training sessions (on-site, via phone or webinar) on a variety of topics, including corporate transactions, data security/privacy, intellectual property, logistics, labor and employment, employee benefits, real estate, and more. The two hours of complimentary legal advice is renewable and increased to three free hours for every year where the member spends at least $5000 with Benesch.

For 2022, Benesch will also review and provide comments and suggestions on your data privacy policy for a reduced cost of $350.

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Ice Miller LLP provides practical, comprehensive advice to plastics industry businesses throughout the nation. From labor and employment to corporate counseling, creditor rights and asset protection, our plastics team provides advice tailored to our customer’s specific needs.  

Legal Resources Program
As a fellow MAPP member, Ice Miller LLP offers member companies three hours of complimentary legal advice. After completing a short online application, members are notified by MAPP and instructed whom to contact at Ice Miller LLP when the need for legal advice arises. 

In 2021, Ice Miller will offer these additional programs and benefits to MAPP members:

  • Legal Audit **New Program**: Ice Miller will conduct a general legal audit of closely held companies free of charge consisting of an interview of and questionnaire for company leadership, analysis of that information and the preparation and delivery of a report summarizing the findings and recommending specific steps and action items designed to address any legal or organizational shortcomings.
  • Audit of employee handbook: Have Ice Miller audit an employee handbook for $375 (a savings of about $1000), providing the member company with an assessment of the handbook and how it needs to be updated or changed
  • Terms and conditions (T&C’s) review for a fixed fee of $500.
  • Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements (NDA) are important tools to protect businesses and manage risks. Ice Miller offers a program that will add to a member company’s arsenal of risk management tools. For a fixed fee of $750, Ice Miller will review and edit an existing NDA to give it its optimal effect or, if one doesn’t exist, draft an NDA for use in the business