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AJ Augur Group LLC - Plastics Search & Recruitment Experts - is a small executive search firm owned and operated by Dan Regovich, a veteran of the professional search industry since 1997 with a specialization in plastics since 2001. Regovich has filled positions all over the USA and Canada for both domestic and international plastics processors. For every 4 candidates set up for an interview, one of them gets the job, and 95% of the positions worked on under the Priority Search Process gets filled.

MAPP Members will receive a 10% discount on a placement fee and a 120 day free replacement policy.

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Americhem Engineered Compounds is a known expert in materials for the health care industry. From biocompatibility testing to ISO 10993-compliant colors to high-temperature polymers plus carbon fiber, Americhem knows the industry. Americhem is a 76-year-old, family-owned business based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Americhem is offering the following to MAPP members:

  • All color matches free of charge. (Color matches completed within two weeks.)
  • With all color matches, a 25-lb sample with the color chips.
  • 55-lb samples at the 10,000-lb price on any product they produce.