Webinar: Unplanned downtime and machine PM keeping you up at night? Machine Health Assessments can help you rest easy!

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Operators, plant managers, and processors have a lot to worry about in a normal day. And when equipment slows down or fails, unplanned downtime just adds to that stress. Preventative Maintenance schedules can help prevent these unscheduled stoppages - but the best course of action is a Machine Health Assessment (MHA). These assessments evaluate the operating conditions of all your auxiliary equipment, and make recommendations for part replacements, service needs, or even remaining estimated life expectancy of the equipment. Service agreements are also available for processors who don't have the manpower or time to complete recommended service of their equipment.

One simple MHA visit by Conair can help with:

  • preventing unplanned downtime
  • extending equipment life
  • increasing productivity while reducing waste
  • reducing processor stress.

With planned shutdowns often occurring over winter break, now is a great time to think about scheduling a MHA!

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