Webinar: The 5S Method of Mold Monitoring

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If you are a molder, mold builder or OEM, you know the importance of communication and collaboration from all parties to successfully implement a product/program launch. Once in production, how do you verify and maintain parameters to confirm the expectations set before the launch are being met? During this webinar, we will discuss a method that ensures OEM specs are followed during tool build and later allows for remote mold validation. We will then present a proven system for monitoring mold performance and maintenance - which includes alerts to tool owners when deviations occur – regardless of whether the mold is nearby or across the world. 

Primary Topics 

  • What are the 5 S’s of mold monitoring
  • Why monitoring your tools is critical to a program's success
  • The importance of establishing specifications and expectations for your tools
  • How to properly collect and file data for proper mold validation
  • The benefits of monitoring mold performance and maintenance for maximum productivity

Lorena Fisher: Lorena entered the plastics industry 25 years ago in an operations role at a Chicagoland mold builder. She continued her career as a Program Launch Manager for a large Tier 1, ensuring all aspects of a launch from design, prototype, PPAP, and continuous improvement aligned with customer expectations. In 2009, Lorena joined Progressive Components and evolved her role to now include assisting OEMs, Tiers and Mold Builders with the implementation on Tooling Specifications and System Monitoring, a means by which all stakeholders work and communicate in tandem for maximum overall end product competitiveness.

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