Webinar: Smarter Plastics Manufacturing Starts with I.O.T., Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation

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What you need to know now to remain competitive and protected.

Manufacturers today have entered into a new phase - the 4th Industrial Revolution.
This transition focuses heavily on real-time data, embedded sensors, connectivity, and machine learning.

As Industry 4.0 continues to transform manufacturing businesses must rethink how they handle everything from automation strategies to workforce development. To be successful, manufacturers need modernized tools, and flexible, robust enterprise resource planning systems as a data and transactional backbone. In addition, cybercrime presents a significant threat that must be managed and monitored to protect data, employees and business continuity.

Tekscape leverages a layered approach to IoT, digital transformation and cybersecurity all while providing best-in-class solutions.  This expertise helps manufacturers to successfully navigate today’s challenges, improve efficiencies, increase output, reduce downtime, stay protected and thus achieve best outcomes.



Mr. William Tinnel, Jr. JD

Chief Information Officer Tekscape 


Mr. Jose Ciriaco

Manufacturing  IOT Digital Solution Strategist 


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