Webinar: Smart Conveying Technology that Prevents Downtime and Saves Money Every Day

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This presentation will include information about the newest conveying equipment and central conveying system technology that prevents downtime through:

  • intelligent yet intuitive controls, simple enough for even the newest operators
  • resin proofing systems that won’t allow a single pellet to be conveyed unless the correct material connection is made
  • truck fill systems that proof connections prior to filling silos.
  • RFID identification systems that verify material selection, and operator permissions
  • Material speed tracking for optimal efficiency, with automatic adjustments to prevent resin degradation and equipment wear
  • Time-stamped material history for proper traceability
  • Resin selection station with LED lights for directed connections – fool proof
  • System recipes for easy process changeover from one product or process to another.
  • Common control architecture – feel comfortable on any piece of equipment.
  • Eliminate the learning curve for employee crosstraining.

Meet the Presenter

Nicholas Paradiso is Conair’s Product Manager for Conveying and Systems Integration product lines. Nick has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University and is an MBA candidate attending Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business. Nick’s expertise comes from holding key leadership and technical roles within the plastics industry and has established himself as a subject matter expert of plastics auxiliaries and conveying system design. 


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