Webinar Series: Healthcare – The Fully Insured Myth

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One of the worst word phrases in business: “It’s time for your annual health insurance renewal.” For business leaders, these words usually evoke a wide variety of emotions; most of which are negative because insurance renewals usually involve headaches and financial pain.

This webinar series has been designed and developed to help MAPP members better maneuver through the healthcare insurance environment and will provide attendees with a much better understanding with how big insurance company strategies are all designed to confuse you, the purchaser. For members with 100 or more FTE employees, this webinar series will focus on uncovering the hidden tactics that can the annual health benefits review process complicated and frustrating.

Please join insurance expert, Will Hinshaw, CS&O, as he uncovers what big insurance companies don’t want you to know. 

This second session will explain how a vertically integrated supply chain benefits the insurance carriers; how a prepaid health plan is a pass-through model with no incentive to lower costs; and the three-year case study that reveals this data. 


This is a member-only event.

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