Webinar: Processing Tips to get a 10X Performance Boost from 3D Printed Mold Inserts

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3D printed mold inserts are an ideal solution for prototype molding work. They enable faster iteration of FUNCTIONAL parts while saving time and money.

Yet - without robust materials and a scientific operating process - polymer-based molds simply will not hold up to the rigors of industrial injection molding.

Join this webinar to learn about Fortify’s comprehensive approach to solving this challenge.  By combining a new 3D Printing process with a low-pressure molding process that works with any press, Fortify is raising the industry’s bar for success.  We will share our approaches to the tool and process design including gating, venting, ejection, and cooling.

We will also share the 3D Printing technology behind our success.  Fortify’s advanced process allows us to reinforce our printed parts with ceramic fiber for better strength, stiffness, and performance at temperature.

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