Webinar: Workforce Challenges and Increasing Global Competitiveness

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John Beaumont, Plastics Hall of Famer and founder of the Beaumont Family of Companies, has dedicated his career to advancing the plastics industry. Through his experiences in developing new technologies, problem solving, and education, Beaumont has challenged legacy practices by living his mantra: question everything. As a new generation with different ideals steps into the workforce, he recognizes that employers will need to adapt. In his talk "Knowledge Gap & an Evolving Workforce," Beaumont identifies research-based factors that will shape the future of the injection molding industry.

Topics covered will include:

  • Where have all the workers gone and when are they coming back?
  • With our pre and post COVID unemployment being about the same, what are the government unemployment numbers not telling us about our labor shortage?
  • What is needed to develop and maintain an evolving workforce in the midst of a societal shift?
  • How well does the technical leadership in the US look against global competition?

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