Webinar: How Dryers Work and What They Might be Telling You When They Don’t

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Understanding drying technology can help with troubleshooting and specifying equipment. In this webinar, Conair's A.J. Zambanini will explore how various dryer technologies work and where customers may run into potential issues. In today’s factory, dryers are getting smarter. Attendees will learn how processors use this data to their benefit in troubleshooting and maintaining processing equipment. Conair will correlate real-world problems and potential root causes in order to help save time and prevent unscheduled downtime. 

A.J. Zambanini started at Conair in the PET packaging group. He then advanced to the role of Regional Manager.  Now, as Drying Product Manager, he is responsible for the drying product line and product innovations. He graduated from Penn State in 2010 with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Minor in Technical sales. A.J. came to Conair as a former customer where he was responsible for plant and capital improvement projects. His on-the-job knowledge of systems has served as a huge asset in understanding pain points and assisting customers in solving problems.

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