Webinar: Antimicrobials in Plastics 101

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Antimicrobials in Plastics 101 is the class that will teach you how antimicrobials make the everyday items around us inhospitable to microbes and how you can use them as additives in masterbatch and compound polymeric solutions. 

Questions attendees can expect to be answered:

  • What is an antimicrobial?
  • How does it work?
  • What are the benefits of using antimicrobial additives?
  • Which end applications are antimicrobials used in?
  • And your burning questions answered on the spot!

Meet the Presenters


Matthew Miklos

Vice President of Global Technology & Innovation
5+ years with Americhem 
30+ years in the engineered polymers & aerospace industry


Dr. Vaman (VG) Kulkarni

Global Director of Technology & Business Development in Fibers
10+ years with Americhem
30+ years in polymer technology development

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