Simple Tasks Made Simple with Rapid Robotics

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All great companies start with a disruptive idea that have the potential to transform an industry, or in Rapid Robotics' case, the whole country. Rapid's mission is to lower the average cost of labor in factories by delivering an extremely low cost, ready-to-work robotic arm solution purpose-built for common, simple, repetitive tasks. Making US manufacturing as affordable as other global manufacturers is the vital step in bringing more production back to the US. During this webinar one of MAPP’s newest partners, Rapid Robotics, a compelling young company already transforming the manufacturing sector by providing a robotic solution for only $2,100/month that can execute over three dozen common tasks without any programming required. Rapid will change the way you see the industry's biggest challenges by sharing their exciting new solutions.

Take a simple task and make it a robot task. That’s what Jordan Kretchmer did. As the CEO of Rapid Robotics, Kretchmer and his team have created the first affordable robotic machine operator designed for simple machine tasks. Kretchmer has more than 20 years of experience as a product strategist, marketer, and business leader with expertise in scaling enterprise software companies. Let Kretchmer show you how to overcome some of manufacturing’s biggest challenges with new solutions.

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