Sales and Marketing Peer Networking

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Brainstorm and network with fellow sales and marketing members on this webinar.

Questions so far include:

  • What is your read on current market conditions in the industry?
  • How many participants hold off-site, perk-like, sales meetings to strategize and/or review plans?
  • What is general economic forecasts look for other companies?
  • How does everyone handle the increasingly competitive global market?
  • Does anyone have an instant quote-like feature on their website?
  • Best Ways to Align with your Sales and Marketing teams
  • What type of marketing has the best ROI for your business?
  • How do others track and monitor progress with active prospects.  What tools do you use? CRM, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Best practices for getting more business from existing customer
  • What are some sales and/ or marketing best practices?
  • What's the prevailing industry trend?  Consolidator/distributor or the stand alone manufacturing selling direct to customers?
  • Where are companies finding the most success reaching new prospects? Social media, Industry events, advertising, etc.
  • Pipeline development (especially for Q4)
  • networking, marketing trends/data
  • Does social media really help your business? If so, how?

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