Pre-Conference Event: DELMIAworks

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MAPP Members across the United States have expressed the need to engage with one another in order to maximize the use of ERP & MES systems to improve manufacturing processes and support future growth.  To provide its members with this opportunity, MAPP has partnered with DELMIAWorks to host a 90 minute interactive session at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, on Wednesday, November 3rd, from 2:30-4 pm directly before the annual Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference.  During this interchange, attendees will:

  • Receive an DELMIAworks corporate update
  • Hear an update on industry conditions from an ERP and information technology perspective
  • Receive an overview of EIQ releases R2020, R2021 and a preview of R2022
  • Learn about the DELMIAworks and Dassault Systemes Works strategy (end to end manufacturing software)
  • Receive a preview of the Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE World Conference to be held in Atlanta in February (pre-conference attendees will receive a $100 discount on 3DEXPEREINCE WORLD admission)
  • Create and expand personal networks with other DELMIAworks users who are members of MAPP

As an added bonus, MAPP members have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one Ask the Expert Sessions Thursday and Friday at the Benchmarking Conference.

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