Peer Networking: Presidents, Owners, CEOs

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Network with other Senior Leader members discussing similar issues and questions.

Questions submitted so far include:

  • How did tax reform impact your business; how are tariffs impacting you?
  • As your company grows what type of outside consultive services have you developed to help your growth? Recruiting? CFO? etc.
  • At what point did you add a dedicated trainer to your staff?  When might you?
  • Has anyone made investments in 3D printing as a serious replacement for production manufacturing
  • Labor shortage and how are you dealing with that and training? Lean and Continuous Improvement challenges to energize everyone?
  • What level do Senior leaders participate in the various "conferences"?   1. MAPP Conf   2. PlasticsNews - PoYr  3. Finance Summit
  • If looking into the Captive, how did the quotation compare to current pricing?
  • How are others handling longer payment term requests?  90 days seems to be becoming the norm.  Are most changing?
  • The mold 25% add on tariff is scheduled to start again in late Dec. (I think that's correct). How are you handling this in quoting

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