Lean Manufacturing Series 2022

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Join Mark Reich and Lara Anderson, Coaches at the Lean Enterprise Institute, for an introduction to lean thinking and practice designed specifically for MAPP Young Professionals.
This engaging, virtual workshop series will give you an understanding of lean, what it might look like in your workplace, and how to start applying it.  Created for people new to lean and continuous improvement and for individuals looking to improve their lean understanding and leadership skills.  

Participants will receive 6 hours of virtual instruction, conveniently broken up into four ninety-minute sessions.  A short “Go Do Challenge” will be assigned after each session providing participants a practical way to apply the concepts covered in the workshop.

Workshop Times are 12:00-1:30pm EDT. Participation is limited to 50 individuals.

July 12: Key Concepts of Lean
  • Learn the origin story of lean at Toyota and their underlying philosophy
  • Better understand lean principles and discuss some common misconceptions about it
July 19: Learning to See Through Work Observation
  • Explore the lean principle of going to gemba – the Japanese term for the shop floor or any place where the value creating work is done
  • Practice developing the important skill of observing work
  • Differentiate between value creating work, non-value creating essential work and waste
  • Learn the characteristics of hard work
July 26: Work Improvement
  • Learn Standardized Work as the baseline for work improvement
  • Explore strategies and methods for making work easier, better, and safer
  • Practice engaging the people closest to the work in improving their work
August 2: Responsibilities of the Lean Leader    
  • Discuss key traits of kaizen leadership
  • Define critical behaviors of lean leaders
  • Learn mechanics of a lean management system

Meet the Coaches

Mark Reich supports new product development and the Co-Learning Partners program, assisting companies engaged in lean transformation. Since joining LEI in 2011, Mark spent 5 years as Chief Operating Officer at LEI followed by the last 5 years as a Senior Coach. Mark has also worked as an executive coach in nearly every industry including manufacturing, retail, hospitality, construction, software and healthcare. Before coming to LEI, he spent 23 years at Toyota in Japan and North America, most recently as general manager of the Toyota Production System Support Center (TSSC). As a hands-on GM, Mark directly implemented the Toyota Production System (TPS) or managed its implementation in a variety of industries, including automotive, food, furniture, and healthcare, among others.

Lara Anderson is a trainer and coach supporting organizations of all sizes to improve their operations and develop their people so they can deliver more of what their customers value.  Since 2014, she has been fortunate to support many of LEI’s co-learning partners across a wide range of industries including healthcare, retail, supply chain and construction. Lara’s early career began at Starbucks Coffee with 15 years’ experience managing multiple retail stores and teams of people.  She also worked in Training and Development and Project Management at Starbucks Coffee’s corporate office, during which time she was introduced to lean thinking. Her time at Starbuck's resulted in the development and global implementation of a lean system of work at over 10,000 Starbucks Coffee retail stores.

Participation is limited to 50 individuals.


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