Webinar: Human Capital Solutions for Plastics Processors

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People challenges in Plastics are real, everywhere and costing the industry millions! Projections report conditions will progress before they improve.

Join D. Gene Alliance - Crestcom International in an analysis of 4 critical human capital challenges. This interactive webinar will report facts, so we know what we are dealing with, gather feedback for validation and conclude with proven solutions.

We continue to realize people are not plastic. Processing parameters for a 5-melt olefin are the same no matter where it’s processed. That is not the case with our talent. People act, respond and are led differently. To be intentional and responsible leaders, we must know how!

Topics explored are:

  • The Skills Gap
  • Boomer Cliff (Retirement)
  • Multigenerational Challenges (Millennials)
  • Engagement
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