2021 Environmental Health & Safety Summit

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May 26-27, 2021 - 100% Virtual!

The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Summit is designed to share best leadership and safety practices with industry professionals hoping to achieve world-class safety within their companies.

This one-of-a-kind learning and networking conference will focus on uniting manufacturing executives from across the United States. Attendees will focus on best practices in environment, health and safety along with becoming a better leader.

This Summit promises to provide high-level safety professionals with implementable ideas they can take back to their facilities to improve their operations and achieve world-class safety.

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Wednesday May 26, 2021

11:00 AM - Introduction and Welcome

11:15 AM - The Safety Ninja

Regina McMichael, The Learning Company

Dang, it is hard to be a top-notch safety pro and still find time to deliver great training. Tired of compliance-based lectures, and begging people to come and pay attention? Well stop working so hard and work smarter, be like the Safety Training Ninja© who uses the tools like a master and slices through training challenges. By the end of this program, attendees will be able to develop learning objectives that not only meet your company's safety needs but that you can prove you achieved; create compliance training that is actually interesting; and explain five ways to make training easier and more exciting.

12:45 PM - Peer Networking

This session is back by popular demand! Growing peer-to-peer networks is a primary component EHS Summit. Attendees will have the chance to interact with peer groups during this session on topics that are unique to their job fuctions in their specific groups. Driven by past attendee feedback, these focused sessions have been highly requested and are expected to be one of the biggest hits of this year's event. They are a perfect way for professionals to find new ideas, expand their professional networks, and explore new methods of improvement.

1:30 PM - Understanding your Environmental Responsibilities

Salvatore Caccavale

This session is designed for the professional who has assumed environmental responsibilities in their organization or just want to learn about the federal environmental regulations such as the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and the Comprehensive Emergency Response and Compensation Liability Act. Attendees will gain an understanding of the basic requirements of each regulation and how they apply in the industry.

1:30 PM - From the Legal Perspective: PPE and Vaccinations in the Workplace

Nelva Smith and Bill Wahoff, Steptoe-Johnson

In this session, attendees will be provided with information behind the legalities of requiring PPE and/or vaccinations in the workplace. 

2:30 PM  - Mill Safety Panel 

Panelists: Randy Cooke, Chardon and Jason Bockmuller, Eagle Elastomer

Mills have and continue to present a serious danger in the rubber and plastics industry. Fortunately, through changes in work practices, safety engineering controls - such as pressure sensitive body bars and worker training, the incidents of mill nip point accidents have decreased greatly. During this presentation, we will review the ARPM Mill Safety Video. This informative video, produced by the Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers (ARPM) addresses the basics of a mill, mill safety at the point of operation in plants, best practices in mill rescue preparation, various sized mills and auxiliary equipment, mill safety equipment, mill reversal, post-accident actions, safety teams and examples of mill safety drills. The video will be followed by a panel discussion of best practices currently being implemented in the industry.

2:30 PM - Machine Guarding

3:30 PM - How to Establish an Emergency Action Plan:

Scott Lowry, StrataSite

The creation of an effective Emergency Action Plan is critical to the safety and security of everyone. During this presentation we will discuss considerations with creating or evaluating existing Emergency Action Plans from an All-Hazards approach that go beyond those mandated by OSHA. We will discuss common short comings along with taking what you have within the plan and implementing it in the real world. Participants will leave with a better understanding on: How to create effective plans, ensure that all employees know how to implement the plan, and how to establish relationships with local emergency services.

4:30 PM - Open Networking

We know everyone enjoys being able to continue to network at the end of the day - so this optional session will be a time to jump on and continue to build your network with other safety professionals. We know it's not the same as heading to happy hour, but we hope this will hold you over until we can all be in person again!

Thursday May 27, 2021

11:00 AM - How to Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment: 

Duane Dunston, Champlain College

In this interactive session, participants will learn how to conduct cyber risk assessments. The process along with the people that should be involved will be examined. Additionally, this workshop will help you start the process of identifying the key individuals in your own organization to help support a risk management program. You will learn how to ensure all organizational information and digital assets are accounted for during the risk assessment, how you and your organization must perform routine risk assessments, and what questions to ask and look for in third-party vendors that conduct risk assessments within your organization. By the end of the workshop, you will have an understanding of the risk management process and where and how to begin within your organization.

12:30 PM - Federal OSHA Standards and the Biden Administration

Peter Kirsanow, Benesch

1:30 PM - Handling Safety-Related Work Stoppages in the Time of COVID-19: A Review of Law and Best Practices

Emmanuel Boulukos and Kayla Ernst, Ice Miller

As COVID-19 vaccines become widely available to the workforce, employers are making key decisions about what safety precautions remain necessary for their workplace. Despite the availability of vaccines and the loosening of restrictions by state and/or local governments, employers should be prepared for the possibility that employees may refuse to work due to ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns or other perceived safety issues. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), and state law may provide protections to both unionized and nonunionized employees who refuse to work based on COVID-19-related or other serious safety concerns. This presentation will discuss employers’ obligations under federal and state law when addressing such refusals to work. The nature of the employees’ work and the safety protocols implemented by the employer are both important factors in determining how an employer may respond to such refusals. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the practical implications of disciplining or terminating employees for such refusals and strategies for avoiding work stoppages before they happen.

2:30 PM - The Looming Safety Crisis: Mental Health in the Workplace

Laurence Pearlman, Marsh Risk Consulting

Research shows that 61% of employees have experienced a mental health issue at work. Yet only 16% of employees are comfortable sharing these issues with their manager. In this session, we’ll explores the consequences – including the safety impact – of mental health issues in the workplace. Topics include understanding ‘unsafe’ employees, how safety and health benefits should work together, how to equip leaders to recognize mental health issues, what risks can be amplified by mental health issues, and the impact of human factors.

3:30 PM - EHS Awards and EHS Coffee Talk 

The 2021 Safety Awards recognize companies in the manufacturing industry that have achieved excellent safety techniques that go beyond the average regulations. The awards will be given out based on OSHA 300's Log of work-Related Injuries and Illness statistics and Safety Best Practices. 

Then we will move into our Coffee Talks ... Are you looking to connect with people in a particular field or with a certain set of expertise? Attendees can now participate in this year's Coffee Talk Session to meet other great professionals in this fast, fun, and productive virtual networking experience. It is networking and connecting that's natural, not awkward. Want to get new ideas for your organization? Have some best practices to share? Just want to actually meet some new people in your field? The EHS Planning Team has you covered with the Coffee Talk Sessions. This isn't about just exchanging business cards. It is designed to get people to engage and find real value in connecting. You'll meet other great manufacturing professionals who understand you and what you are going through. And even introverts will tell you this year's format is great!

Safety Best Practices

Submissions for this year's Safety Award should generally align with at least one of the following topics: employee safety training, safety committees, safety audits/walk-throughs, emergency training, behavior-based safety, tracking/displaying safety metrics, equipment and mold change safety, safety communication or other innovative facility safety best practices. These submissions may include: 

  • Photographs
  • Video
  • Copies of Policies
  • Outline or Checklist of Activity 
  • Any other materials needed to outline your best practice

You can use this link to enter your submission:

Submissions are due by April 30, 2021.


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