MAPP Young Professionals Network Sells Out First Annual Leadership Experience

May 14, 2019

MAPP Young Professionals Network Sells Out First Annual Leadership Experience

Louisville, KY  – The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) recently hosted 55 young professionals at the first annual Leadership Experience held in Lousiville, KY.

The Leadership Experience curriculum was developed with the understanding that leadership is a hard skill, does not happen in a vacuum and needs to be practiced.

This event explored the importance of understanding what drives you, your strengths, weaknesses, and how to build mental and emotional muscles in order to be an effective leader. The event was facilitated by Ryan Krupa, who specializes in creating and teaching leadership development courses for US Special Operations units.  He has studied and researched the domain of leadership development for twenty years. By the end of this event each participant left with a personal Leadership Development Plan that they will be accountable to for the next nine months.

This event gave MAPP’s Young Professionals the opportunity to network, participate in breakout discussions and connect with new industry contacts. The YP Leadership Experience was the kickoff to a nine-month journey, which will follow up with breakouts and event takeaways, three virtual coaching sessions from Ryan Krupa and peer networking, as well as continued outreach to facilitate accountability and further develop peer-to-peer relationships.

As one attendee explained, “Ryan Krupa was very impactful, and I loved his messages and the activities he had us do. I was very invested in what he had to say and a lot of it will stick with me. I enjoyed chatting with other young professionals in the same industry and was able to network and build relationships through this event.”

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