MAPP Releases 2018 Wage and Salary Report

MAPP Releases 2018 Wage and Salary Report

Indianapolis, IN – The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) recently conducted its Wage and Salary Study, resulting in the 2018 Wage and Salary Report, available now.

For the sixteenth year, MAPP has conducted this keystone study. This study analyzes information on over 55 job titles specific to the plastics industry, including administrative, production, engineering, maintenance, quality, warehouse, sales and managerial job functions. This report also includes information on operational benchmarks, overtime and pay differentials, insurance and vacation and paid time off.

This report, which includes inputs from over 200 plastics processing organizations across the United States and represents roughly 43,000 full-time and part-time employees, is designed to allow senior executives and human resources personnel make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to competitive employee compensation.  The Wage and Salary Report breaks down compensation information for each job title by both organization size and geographic location.

“Roughly 92 percent of plastics processors are looking to hire new employees, and 76 percent of plastics jobs showed wage changes above the current inflation rate. With the demand for dedicated and talented workers on the rise, it is important for executives to know industry benchmarks for wage, benefits and vacation time. This data will arm organization decision makers with industry compensation trends as they begin to make important decisions in regards to compensation packages,” explained Ashley Burleson, Membership, Engagement and Analytics Manager, MAPP.

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