MAPP Announced 2019 Safety Best Practices Award Winners

July 19, 2019

For Immediate Release

MAPP Announces 2019 Safety Best Practices Award Winners

INDIANAPOLIS - - The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) has announced the winners of the 2019 Safety Best Practices Award Winners. First place went to Automation Plastics Corporation. Intertech Plastics Inc. was awarded second place. In addition, Currier Plastics Inc. and Polyflex Products Inc. were tied for third place.

Jeff Ignatowski VP of Sales and Marketing for Automation Plastics had this to say about the first place award, “Automation Plastics has been part of the MAPP for over 15 years and we are so pleased to receive the 2019 top award for Safety Best Practices. Our transformation over the last 18 months has truly had a remarkable effect on our safety, culture, employees and customers and proud to be honored by MAPP and our peers in the industry for all our efforts.”  

Aaron Fedewa from Polyflex said, “This is truly an amazing accomplishment for our company. Our teams have been working diligently on improving the safety of our organization to ensure the company’s most valuable asset, our people, remain safe within the workplace.”

Third place tie-holder Currier had the following statement: “We are honored to receive the recognition from MAPP. It is important for us to maintain a great culture in our company and we feel that Safety is a cornerstone of our pursuit to be a world class operation. We get a lot of value from the sharing that occurs within the MAPP member companies and are happy that we were able to contribute to this excellent best practices topic,” explained Raymond McKee Director of Manufacturing at Currier Plastics.

This award seeks to celebrate, recognize and share best practices from MAPP members in safety. Winners of this year's award received an award and recognition at the 2019 Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Summit, along with recognition in MAPP's national publications. All submissions were compiled and sent out to the MAPP membership for anonymous voting.

All final submissions are now shared in the new 2019 Best Practices Handbook distributed at the Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference and available to members on the MAPP website. 

Submissions for this year's Safety Award featured the following topics: employee safety training, safety committees, safety audits/walk-throughs, emergency training, behavior-based safety, tracking/displaying safety metrics, equipment and mold change safety, safety communication and other innovative facility safety best practices.

Sharing best practices, ideas, and creating a community that makes everyone better is the true spirit of MAPP—and in this spirit this award idea was born.  

Safety Award winners received their award and recognition at the 2019 Environmental Health and Safety Summit, which took place on July 18-19 in Columbus, Ohio. The Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Summit is designed to share best leadership and safety practices with industry professionals hoping to achieve world-class safety within their companies in a learning and networking conference setting.

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