MAPP Champions

Each year, MAPP identifies approximately 100 individuals was MAPP Champions. MAPP Champions are the MOST engaged members. In 2019 alone, they have participated in several in-person and virtual events – and that doesn’t even begin to include their informal outreach, sharing and contributions.

Being identified as a MAPP Champion means that you exemplify the values and ideals of MAPP, including the spirit of sharing and camaraderie, individual contributions that build collective intelligence of the MAPP network, and business ethics of integrity and responsiveness.

For more information on how to become a MAPP Champion, please reach out to the MAPP staff. Also, visit the Events page for ideas on how to become more engaged!

The MAPP Champions for 2019 are listed below:

Tom Nagler, President, Natech Plastics Inc.

Lisa Cashel, Controller, DeKALB Molded Plastics

Josh Jaworski, Quality Manager, Impact Molding

Bill Grande, Director of Business Operations, Thomas Plastics Inc

Aaron Fedewa, Plant Manager, PolyFlex Products Inc.

Lindsey Hahn, CEO, Owner, Metro Plastics Technologies

Gary DeVries, Strategic Marketing Manager, Plastic Components Inc.

Nick Hutchens, Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Bruin Manufacturing

Tim Bayer, President, Hansen Plastics Corporation

Jeff Ignatowski, VP of Sales and Marketing, Automation Plastics Corporation

Annette Crandall, President, Quality Assured Plastics Inc

Jeff Applegate, President, Texas Injection Molding

Matt Poischbeg, Vice President/ General Manager, SEA-LECT Plastics Corporation

Theresa Turula, Human Resources Coordinator, Ironwood Plastics Inc.

Brad Krupa, Director of Strategic Accounts, Thogus Products Company

Tim Wuhrman, Sales Manager, Innovative Components Inc.

Kyle Bender, Sales Account Manager, Falcon Plastics Inc. (Headquarters)

Audra Kimbel, Human Resources, PolyFlex Products Inc.

Glen Fish, President, Revere Plastics Systems LLC

Vern Meurer, Vice President/ Co-Owner, Con-Tech Plastics

Kelly Goodsel, President & CEO, Viking Plastics (PA)

Missy Rogers, President, Noble Plastics Inc.

Tim Capps, President, Par 4 Plastics Inc.

Christian Wenk, Managing Partner, American Casting and Manufacturing

Kevin Allison, Business Development Manager, Crescent Industries Inc.

Jim Krause, VP New Program Development, Microplastics Inc.

Craig Tornow, Controller, Ferriot Inc

Janine Bucher, Human Resources, York Imperial Plastics

Steven Lunder, President, Granite State Plastics Inc.

Adam Wachter, CFO, Engineered Profiles LLC

Glenn Anderson, President, Anderson Technologies

Tammy Barras, President, Westec Plastics

Tyson Daniels, President, Polymer Contours

Suzie Thomas, HR Manager, Eclipse Mold Inc.

Thomas Tredway, Director of Sales, EMP Closures

Rob Clothier, Human Resources, Team 1 Plastics

June Firestone, CFO/Controller/ VP of Operations, Crescent Industries Inc.

Chris Gedwed, COO & Executive VP, Cosmetic Specialties International

Marcia Lee, HR Manager, DeKALB Molded Plastics

John Passanisi, President, PRD Inc.

Derrill Rice, CEO, Plastic Components Inc.

Chuck Sholtis, CEO, Plastic Molding Technology Inc.

Scott Titzer, President & CEO, Infinity Molding & Assembly

Jerry Bienias, VP of Operations, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing Co.

Jim Eberle, President, MXL Industries Inc.

David Hastillo, Technical Engineering Manager, Dymotek

Brian Pruis, Vice President, P&P Industries

Mark Hallam, President/Owner, HB Molding Inc.

Tom Wood, VP Sales, E-S Plastic Products LLC

Chuck Beavers, Project Manager, Par 4 Plastics Inc.

Zachary Bloodworth, Director of Quality & Program Management, Par 4 Plastics Inc.

James Brown, President/CEO, Augustine Die & Mold, Inc.

Chuck Connors, President/Owner, Molding Dynamics, Inc.

Norm Forest, CEO, Dymotek

Rob Weiss, General Manager, Injection Works

Dawn Beelman, Vice President of Finance, Precision Custom Products Inc.

Lynn Caruso-Stueck, General Manager, Ironwood Plastics Inc.

Jeff Hindman, CEO, Polymer Molding Inc.

Natalie Miller, Controller, Blue Ridge Industries Inc.

Mark Seeley, President, World Class Plastics Inc.

John Winzeler, President, Winzeler Gear

Mary Beth Bord, CFO, Ex-Tech Plastics Inc.

Jared Bucher, Business Analyst, York Imperial Plastics

Doug Drummond, Director of Business Development, Revere Plastics Systems LLC

Erin Hlavin, Employee Relations Manager, Thogus Products Company

Michelle Hoyt, President, Plaspros Inc

Stu Kaplan, President, Makuta Technics

Jim Kepler, President, Intertech Plastics Inc.

Samir Patel, Controller, Midwest Molding Inc.

Jennifer Perez, Marketing Communications, Plastic Molding Technology Inc.

Rick Walters, President, DeKALB Molded Plastics

Linda Wilkins, Human Resources, Ferriot Inc

Brendan Cahill, President, PTG Silicones

Daniel Dammen, CFO, REO Plastics, Inc.

Bill Dickinson, President / Owner, DaMar Plastics Inc.

James Doster, President-Injection Molding, SPI Industries Inc.

Neal Elli, President, Empire Precision Plastics Inc.

Paul Hawver, Global Supply Chain Manager, Royal Plastics Inc

Amy Lahner, Director of Finance & Administration, EirMed, LLC

Jennifer Lockman, Manager of HR, Intertech Plastics Inc.

Michael Parshall, Human Resources, Safety Manager, Par 4 Plastics Inc.

Diane Pisciotti, Director of Talent, Currier Plastics Inc.

David VanVoorhis, President, Precision Molded Plastics

Keith Wiley, Manufacturing Engineer, Piller Aimmco

Carl Bartle, Plant Manager, Wisconsin Plastics Inc.

Keith Bradt, Sales Manager, Crescent Industries Inc.

Craig Carrel, President, Team 1 Plastics

Rich Dorans, President, PTA Plastics (Longmont)

Darin Endecott, COO, Innovative Injection Technologies

Gary Hallam, CEO, Eimo Technologies - Vicksburg Plant

Karissa Kopecky, Marketing Manager, Falcon Plastics Inc. (Premier Source Brookings)

Paul Koster, CEO, Selmax Corp.

Jim Kunkel, Plant Manager, Sales/ Engineering, Pioneer Plastics

Carl Lider, COO, MRPC

Richard Nevins, Engineer, PMC SMART Solutions LLC

David Parmelee, President, Wepco Plastics

Sanjay Patel, Director of Business Development, Midwest Molding Inc.

Lisa Pichotta, Human Resources Manager, Nicolet Plastics LLC

Monica Powell, HR and Office Manager, Bison Innovative Products

Dave Zielinski, Business Development Manager, Ironwood Plastics Inc.

Michelle Chambers, Human Resources Manager, Hoffer Plastics Corporation

Ed Chappel, HR Consultant, MMI Engineered Solutions

Ed Fabiszak, VP Sales & Marketing, Sussex IM, Inc.

Dean Lail, President, Sapona Plastics LLC

Scott Mavin, Human Resources Manager, Innovative Injection Technologies

Greg Nolen, Plant Manager, GTR Enterprises

Tom O'Connor, President, Apex Plastics & Tooling Inc.

Andy Santos, VP of Operations, Asyst Technologies LLC

Greg Stapleton, Engineering Manager, All Service Plastic Molding Inc.

Brian Torres, VP of Sales, Pereles Bros. Inc.